WWE Raw 30 March 2020 Results
Hello Friends, Welcome to Get News At Your Home and here we talk about WWE Monday Night Raw. Now let's see what is going to be seen in this episode of WWE RAW Result, Start with the Women's match and on the episode of Last Week, Asuka was defeated by the Alexa Bliss separately. Now it is very clear that between them to watch the matches of women's tag team titles. Now Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are chances of seeing WWE Raw 30 March but it might not happen. Talk about Becky lynch in the championship in the WWE Raw 30 March 2020 Results show, she also appears in them with Shayna Bachelor.

Attacking the interviewer, then Becky lynch came and attacked Shayna Baszler, and left from there. Now before anything, WWE showed a truck of love with monster Becky lynch and logo which Shayna Baszler can see broking badly in the episode and this will happen when the promo is delayed in the Becky lynch then Shayna Baszler on screen She may be seen bursting because now Shayna will be the time to take the blows. In the episode of Last Week, street profits Angelo Dawkins Kenneth Crawford and Montez Ford were saved from both.

At the same time, the Undertaker is also going to appear, as in the episode of Last Week WWE Raw result, AJ Styles used to challenge Undertaker and his wife, now Undertaker will respond to AJ style in the episode. At the same time, all three of The O.C. members may attack the Undertaker further. They will also give back, but they will get caught in the affair of but number game and will not be able to do anything special.

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In the episode of Last Week of WWE Raw Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came together and overwhelmingly targeted the room's stores in their promos. Brock Lesnar is always going to appear again in the episode, and in the last episode before WrestleMania 36, there is a tremendous confrontation between the Brock Lesnar and Drew Mcintyre in this episode. Brock Lesnar will be seen strong enough for WWE to confirm his presence for 22 episodes before the title match. Now Last Week Randy Orton had beaten Edge in his promo, now in this episode, Edge will cut a promo in the ring that Randy Orton will drop and then there is going to be a tremendous fight between them. Now there was a lot of spark in his future, which fans also liked, but due to the shows in the performance center, So in the episode of the WWE Raw all this to Watch. They may not be seen in all Superstars episodes whose matches are going to appear in WrestleMania 36 because WWE won't drag this episode too long.

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