What's up guys. I know everyone is concerned about the coronavirus. I hope everyone is doing their best to stay home and watch coronavirus news. Today we are going to talk about its impact on Bollywood. Accordingly, the release date of the upcoming films and stars have canceled events until further notice. Salman Khan was also to hold it all managed by brothers so he had come out the door has been pushed too and this team has said that they will announce fresh dates once the corona scare subsides. Should have also been stored.

Suryanshi, which is about to collect around 30 crores on its first day. But due to a corona effect, Suryavanshi may have a loss of 8 to 10 crores on its first day that I have Suryavanshi who has changed his release date significantly and prepped his release date from 27 March to 24 March. But according to the news of coronavirus effect on business, the release date of Suryavanshi may change once again and has been seen in it. I will go Suryavanshi can move forward but nothing has been told about the film so far from the office but what Suryavanshi is releasing on a perfect date. Suryavanshi Coronavirus was being released on its re-release date with burning, it will be a matter of seeing which films release date changes in the next companion and Bollywood latest updates.

Production houses are canceling other shoots scheduled around India out of hesitation to travel with their crew. IIFA Awards otherwise known as the Oscars of India was supposed to take place in Indore on March 27. But that has also been postponed until further notice. Because of this health crisis. The mass outbreak of the corona effect in India has also resulted in actual march sort of on she being forced borne indefinitely. Delhi government has also declared that he does will remain shut down 31 March get in line Ladakh to have the same restrictions. But given that Delhi is a key contributor to the box office business of Bollywood films this week cities uneasy medium is bound to suffer a major loss.

Please be careful and take all the extra precautions necessary to keep yourself safe.

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