Artificial Intelligence is nothing but giving computer systems a mental strength to take decisions and act accordingly. From the smartphones to Internet of things, Virtual Reality and now Artificial Intelligence, technology has always surprised us with its new beautiful yet complicated revolutions. Artificial Intelligence has many layers in it and which is being used in many parts of our daily life.
First of all, a very primary level usage of Artificial Intelligence is in Game development where it is used for the second player in the computer system. The other application of Artificial Intelligence is the searching algorithm where in many puzzle games it is used to find the correct path for that puzzle and the most popular algorithm for that is the A* algorithm which has been used by the top developers for last many years and has been an integrated part of the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

Many developers have integrated a chip with the computer system where we need to code in our computer system and apply it to the chip. After then configure the chip in a robot. After the configuration process is done the robot will have its own mental skills from which it will be able to take various decisions and will act accordingly.
These are the two biggest layers of Artificial intelligence which are in the talk for the last many years. Another layer of Artificial intelligence is nothing but the Machine to Machine intelligence where two machines are connected over the internet layer and have the intelligence to take various decisions. The best example of that is the connection between two different machines from two different companies. For example, if two machines are connected with each other via the internet connection, then they can communicate with each other and give each other the suggestion about when to start and when to stop working.

As the term Artificial intelligence has been in the news for so long it will take some time for it to enter our real life because it is one of the most costly industries. A recent analysis has said that the production of these systems is going to be costlier than the virtual reality. But as the matter of fact very few people know about this as soon as more people get to know about Artificial Intelligence they will invest their time and money to make any kind of research in this kind of term.

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