Hello Guys, still china and whole world people suffer from Coronavirus and this just in another virus outbreak has been reported this time involving mango. The hantavirus has killed three and has threatened the lives of thousands in Yosemite National Park. If you want to sidestep some of those dangerous illnesses. It's not only killed a few people it is scared thousands more so the hantavirus can actually cause a significant and fatal infection particularly that of the lungs. 

Where hantavirus found? What are the symptoms?

It's found in the urine saliva and droppings at times of infected rodents. Now the symptoms of the virus can take weeks to present after being exposed to a virus may be nonspecific fever some chills some muscle aches and headaches similar to what we talk about with the flu you may have fatigue nausea vomiting shortness of breath. But what can happen if you're infected is over time your breathing becomes more and more labored. You can build up fluid on your lungs and that's the sort of that progression if it can become fatal. One of the scary things is those symptoms start off like the millions of cases of flu that you have. So how do you know when it's something more than that? If you are having significant symptoms and you're having trouble breathing whether it's flu or hantavirus you got to get it checked out because people who get the virus may need to end up on a ventilator, so be safe.

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