Hey Guys, Welcome Get News At your Home for technology news on 5G just think that you present in your mobile while sitting in a car that gives information to a sensor and how it is stitched? Walking out you get the message of your favorite restaurant's breakfast menu and you pick it up on the way on Fear Face, this can happen in the near future with the upcoming 5G technology.

The path to this victory will be easy so that the 5G technology introduction will be able to hold industrial education health care financial and social factors Kovid-19 application for it will also increase the growth of child broadband network speed and 12 times data group data growth. With 5G technology, all those people who interested in games will be able to watch Said E Games.

Benefits in the healthcare sector Physical recovery and remote topic surgery will be possible through the 5G technology in India. 5G technology startup will positively impact on small ecosystem players in countries like business startups after India is left behind from the availability of 5G basic tools to start and operate the business is not just limited to speed.

With this 5G technology network, driverless autonomous vehicle smart health care smart agriculture smart transportation will be able to manage traffic and support it. Moreover, it was clarified that more and more days will be interconnected from the network ecosystem to truly interactivity.

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