Hello Guys, Welcome Get News At your Home. As we know that till 14 April 2020, the situation of LokDown will continue in India due to Coronavirus and Indian railways is fighting Coronavirus. The 1-day lock-down was in March. But it is very difficult to say whether or not the lockdown was continued after 14 April 2020. Now in the meantime, coronavirus in India live update is also coming out that from April 15, 2020, all Indian trains were running as per their time table. According to the latest coronavirus news, it has also been claimed that booking of all tickets has started since April 15, and Officials and staff preparing to start on April 15 await the green signal. So if you have to travel somewhere, book the ticket quickly then let me tell you that as you all know that till 14 April 2020, the situation of Lokdown in India will remain at present.

A recent plan will be sent to run trains by the end of this week. Domestic and foreign flights are not being booked, waiting for the government's order that a message flight to private companies Is also starting booking. If it comes then it will take action. The effect of coronavirus is called. What is the situation that the government of that country has taken? And what is the corona update? If we talk about ticket booking, then suppose that you have to go somewhere where you put the name of one of the stations. After putting the name of the station where you are. People are getting like this. According to the information, if we select here on April 15 and click on the train then here the list of the train will come in front of us, next you search for a train. To keep India lockdown till 14 April 2020, whose foreigner is here from 15 April 2020, you are getting a chance to book tickets

If we talk about having a reservation, then the reservation which is not there is already there but the reservation which is already there and you will know that if you want a full refund then you need to cancel the ticket for this. Due to which the lease ticket has not been canceled you have already got the reservation and the waiting list which has just been released, the waiting list that has been read. Although the claim is being made that from 15 April 2020 all the trains that you have will start running at the right time, Because if from 15 April 2020, all trains need at least 1 week to run at the right time. Two-three days before all the trains will have to leave from where it starts from where it opens, then after analyzing all this, we do not think that from April 15, 2020, there are 18 trains which are all trains at their right time. If you want to book a ticket, then as before, by visiting the IRCTC website, you get to know that IRCTC train bookings start from April 15, 2020, and you will get your own ticket. By this post, I have given you almost all the updates.

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