Hello friends, Welcome Get News At your Home. As we know there were a number of corona people testing positive throughout February, are now increasing speedily. So, here I am going to tell you some latest updates which took UK Government for overseas students due to coronavirus. So guys, if you are live in the UK on rent as a student or any friends or family members who are in the UK so, must be read this UK news for international students post also share with others. So let's start, If you are unemployed, nothing is back to work, and you still have to rent you, then if you have the money then pay rent. Well if you have no money. If you are having a problem, you do not need to pay rent if you cannot even raise money from your country. British Government has made it very easy to do the rule album, So now you have to talk or request to your landlord that, I cannot pay the rent for 2 months. What he has to do is to pay, which will have to set the rent payment scheme, meaning that you do not take the rent for 3 months, after that what can you do slowly in the installment? You can pay a job that is not available till the job government till December 2020 if no situation can pay. Okay, then your landlord cannot force you, for that after this UK latest news for international students.

After that, How will you get the rent paid every month? It is a pleasure to strike all the things a little bit that I know that many of you are able to get back your vacation time even more immediately but not even the office Because you are going to be able to go with a travel bag, then this one can help you people who have mixed about it but don't miss this blog post for them only. Land after that do not have the money and you have to work for anything government? The government has made it very easy to send rule easy car in the sense of an unemployed person who is not benefited, I can think you can claim settlement make a show to contact the local council of the dump that I am yours, who has done a job. You used to work somewhere, my job has gone. How I can protect our family from India, our people are scared there too. After watching the note send money from the fact that such a unit is final, that I have put it to international students that you have not put it, you go to 24 and say keep you need help if you do not have money. What is the right information? What kind of tea is coming out of the new rule market? The new support government the late make you understand friend. Hard work on it, don't be okay, don't be upset that there is no benefit from being upset and staying in the stress. Get yourself updated by UK immigration news.

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