features of Oneplus one Pro
Hello friends, Welcome Get News At Your Home. Here we will discuss the best features of Oneplus one mobile phone in this post. OnePlus 1 Pro is a phone that will see the large screen side of a six-point seven at a charge, it comes with such a plus solution. On the one hand, you get the one where you will be able to do both tasks at the same time, so today Ten Plus is supported, so here it is going to have a very good display on this phone, where there is an inverted Oneplus one concept. With the chip, the frame rate that is available will be very good if you also join the content and here those switches come from the screen, a selfie camera with a sensor and a slow phone to talk so that one plus editor one plus approach comes with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon Advance Fire Processor.

features of Oneplus one Pro

Apart from this, by talking to Begun here, you will get an excellent battery in this Oneplus one battery and here on Vote Charge will 30 Watt total charging support. To recharge the phone's battery very fast. Along with this we also have Vote Charge Thirty Wireless which is in it with wireless charging solution with 30 Vote and Put which will recharge your phone by 50 percent in just half an hour, so this is a good thing. Next, let's talk about this growing camera, which is calculated in front of the sun, the selfie camera of the sun comes here and neither Oneplus comes. The rest of the cameras on this phone, which were made earlier, but if you go and see, then all the amazing things are exactly. Apart from this, there is a dual megapixel camera in the ultra. With the color filter and its age generation flavored autofocus contrast base autofocus, you all get the option and if you are in.

The camera placement will be very attractive. The camera is going to be a major feature of the camera deposit OnePlus X Pro or we will get to see the camera set up or will be the primary sensor. Oneplus is a unique color, you get Intex Stellar Glow and OnePlus is a progressive coming out Ultra Blue. Looking at the details of the phone relationship, but it has opened your story, this one plus phone has the same flagship OnePlus as always. According to the display recent reports, the OnePlus 1 Pro is going to see the smoothest display till date, OnePlus will soon bring a smartphone in which we have a lot of fluids and A smooth display will be seen that no one but the smartphone is going to be approved. OnePlus Pro will have a display panel of temple joy. This will be the QHD Plus display panel. Along with this, you will also see a special NDMC chip, so that you will be able to enjoy the normal content on this smartphone with a one-head head.

features of Oneplus one Pro

Now it is very common that OnePlus pro has the flagship processor because OnePlus is going to be a flagship device, so the processor is very capable and powerful. Fast charging to one plus smartphone is quite popular for its fast charging. The watch charging technology of One Plus is very fast, but it is being told that in One Plus areas we will also get to see fast 4G speed from current charging speed, which is the best feature for all users.

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