Why Roman Reigns OUT From WrestleMania 36

Hello Friends. Welcome, Get News At your Home. I know guys all of you are very conscious about WrestleMania 2020 and there may be a lot of questions going on in your mind for why Roman Reigns Out from Universal Championship Match? So friends here share you all the details regarding prediction WRESTLEMANIA 36 match Goldberg vs Roman Reigns and Universal Championship match Brown Strowman vs Goldberg.

Why Roman Reigns Replaced at WrestleMania Universal Championship

As we all know guys that at the WrestleMania 36, there was to be a match of Goldberg vs  Roman Reigns in place of Brown Strowman vs Goldberg, but given the kind of situation that is going on around the world now, Roman Reigns did not fight this match. And that gave Brown Strowman a chance to face Goldberg for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 36, 2020. They had a very good match at WrestleMania. Where Goldberg first put a lot of spiers on Brown Strowman and then the Brown Strowman also gave Goldberg several running power moves and won the match. But friends, do you know that the reason behind Goldberg losing this match was something else. Yes friends, if you do not know, then tell me that the final goal was actually to make his return to WWE so that he could fight a match with Roman Reigns before retiring and hence his match was with two feet. He also became the Universal Champion, and Roman Reigns and Goldberg's match for WrestleMania 36 was also fixed. But, this match could not take place and that is why According had even met Vince Mcmahon before Summer Sports Goldberg WrestleMania where he gave Vince McMahon an explanation that either he and Roman Reigns had this match postponed Or if it matches the WrestleMania 36 Man Universal Championship.

He wants Brown Strowman not to win this match so that after all these things are going on around the world, when Roman Reigns makes his return to WWE, then he can keep his Universal Championship against at SummerSlam. And this Roman Reigns vs Goldberg match that every WWE fan would not see in a WrestleMania, at least at SummerSlam, but Vince McMahon did not listen and Goldberg defeated at WrestleMania and Brown Strowman made the new Universal Champion. However, friends should tell you that according to some reports, Vince McMahon has also clarified that the Crisis that is going on in the world in recent times is not hidden from anyone. However, let the guide MP tell that according to some research Goldberg was not at all happy with Vince McMahon's decision and he was very angry after losing a match to Brown Strowman at WrestleMania 36, which led to backstage there was a lot of discussion between him and Vince McMahon.

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