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Hello Friends, Welcome to Get News At Your Home. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy was struggling against trade-protectionism, US-China trade wars, European uncertainties over Brexit, and falling commodity and energy prices. Though the number of new confirmed cases is starting to level on a global basis, the real picture is fragmented as different countries are in very different stages of the pandemic. The statistics emerging from the situation are not heartening. During the lockdown, 140 million Indians have lost their jobs. As per a Barclays research estimate from April 14, the lockdown cost Indian economy approx $26 billion per week. The same agency on March 24 had estimated that the lockdown would cost India $16.6 billion per week. The discrepancy goes to show that predictions are not an exact science given the dynamic nature of the situation and it would be better to err on the side of caution. Averaging all estimates, GDP growth for 2020 is likely to go down to a negative 0.5 percent, the worst since economic liberalization in 1991.

Increase Country Economic Growth
The crisis is pressuring governments worldwide to roll-out swift monetary and fiscal policies to support credit markets and sustain the economy. In one among the largest packages by countries, the Indian government has just announced an INR 20 lakh crore fiscal stimulus package, almost 10 percent of national GDP. This is a welcome move, rekindling hopes that cash will be back in circulation, reviving consumer spending and embarking on the road to recovery.  Experts say that the virus is here to stay, and total normalcy cannot be expected to return anytime soon till we have a cure or a vaccine. What this really tells us, is that normal is whatever reality is, not what we are comfortable with. At this juncture, we must do away with fear and focus on recovery and resilience. 

So, In this blog post, we are going to talk about Indian products. As you know Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said to adopt Swadeshi and promote Swadeshi products as much as possible. So let's start with toothpaste. Colgate, Sensodyne, Aquafresh, Close up, Pepsodent all these Foreign products. Instead of these products, you will use the Patanjali Ayurved, Dabur Red, Amar. These paste should be used. It is made inside our country in hundreds of numbers which is that no these days you have a foreign product. Use as little as possible.

You should eat foreign ice cream like Indian ice cream at number three. Amul like the market is Indian ice cream, so soaking you to buy more and more Amul, now the indigenous products bought will increase the country's GDP. But our country will become self-sufficient again. So you should buy indigenous products as much as possible. 

Next is your exotic saving cream like Indian saving cream, what is it, when you use Gillette, Nivea, these are foreign products when you use the shaving cream. At the place of these, you should use VK Godrej, V-John, Super Max all the desi products, All these are India made saving creams, you should demand them. 

Indian hand washes also available like foreign hand wash, you should use. Lifebuoy, Dettol are overseas handwash. In place of these, you should go shopping at the bottom of the demand for hand wash made inside India, so that you have to buy all indigenous products, like Patanjali, Maheshree, Medimix these companies make you aware good sources are available to you within the market.

These moments Indian diapers like foreign rappers, Huggies, Mamy Poko pants, Pampers all are foreign products. Instead of using any other product in their place, they also bring Patanjali products to the product, which provides you with diapers, what are all these from your Himalaya champ. Swadeshi Products You should use them only. You should demand them only by visiting the shop. 

Next, if we talk about foreign batteries like Duracell, Eveready, and Panasonic Gold, all of these, you should also replace them with Indian products, which are Nippoo and Godrej GP. Both of these cells are your Indian cell is Indian battery. You should use them. 

Next Indian soap is cheaper and better than foreign soap. Lux, Dettol, Dove, Lifebuoy, Pears, Rexona All these are overseas products, it should be replaced by an Indian product such as Medimix, Santoor, Patanjali, Shree Shree, Nirma and so more.

Now let's talk about Talcum Powder, you also have India Swadeshi Talcum Powder available, Dermicool, Ponds, Nivea all these are foreigners, you should use Indian instead of those products like Cinthol, Navratna cool, Which are Indian companies you have to use the maximum of the Indian company. 

It should be purchased. Whenever you go to the shop, demand only Indian products. Please share this post with all your friends and family members and help our country to increase the economy.

As we wait to see what lockdown 4.0 has in store, we should not sit hoping for ‘back to normal’ but buckle up for the extra-ordinary effort and aim at emerging stronger than ever before.

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