Top 10 Foods That Improve Your Immune System against Coronavirus
Hello friends, Welcome to Get News At Your Home. Nowadays It is very important to keep our immune system strong due to Coronavirus. If we cannot completely erase from our body, then the best way is to be alert from the corona pandemic in advance. What foods to eat to avoid coronavirus?  Do you know the biggest reason for weakening the immune system is the lack of nutrients, so today we will talk about some foods that are around us and we do not know that they are very large immune booster foods? 

Let's check the list of top 10 foods that increase vitamins for the immune system and will help you stay healthy and avoid corona.

1.Amla (Indian gooseberry):

boost immune system

Drinking amla juice and honey in the morning daily is very good for health. You can also eat it by making Amla vegetable, but keep in mind that you do not cook more than you because it will reduce its properties.


boost immune system

Turmeric is one the best for improving body power. Lipopolysaccharide, antioxidant antifungals, and antiseptic are present in turmeric. Abundant anti-bacterial anti-viral and anti-fungal agent which increases your immunity manifold. Due to this, turmeric can save you from not only cough but also many serious diseases. Consuming turmeric daily strengthens the immune system. If you often suffer from cold and cold when the weather changes, drinking turmeric mixed with warm milk daily at night can help. Using it man stops cancer growth by developing and spreading it at the molecular level itself. Inflammation causes many types of diseases in our body. Turmeric is also a very large antiseptic. By the way, you take turmeric in vegetables, and make it becomes very effective.


boost immune system

Ginger is the first antibacterial food item. Which supports immunity. At the same time, it is a natural blood thinner that dilutes your blood and reduces cholesterol levels. Ginger means that there is an anti-inflammatory compound inside the ginger, which is called gingerol, it relaxes your veins and destroys disease-causing inflammation in your body. Ginger contains elements such as protein iron calcium, fighting the Alley immune system, and can be used in different ways. Dry ginger is very beneficial for cold Khasi as it kills cold-causing bacteria. At the same time reducing the duration of your illness.


boost immune system

Garlic regularly increases the ability to take infection and increases your immunity manifold. You can make garlic a part of your daily diet. Garlic also reduces your blood pressure as well as cholesterol. There are a lot of antioxidants in garlic, which destroy the free radicals present in your body. These free radicals subsequently lead to epidemics like cancer.

5. Almonds:

boost immune system

Almonds are rich in vitamin A and friends vitamin b1 powerful. There are an anti-oxidant and three vitamins that enhance your immune system. If part of that group, then there is no anti-oxidant of Vitamin E. Because of the head, which helps our body to fight infection.

6. Green Tea:

boost immune system

While green tea and black tea both have flashlights, which are one type of anti-oxidant, but green tea also has another full antioxidant it can help in your immune system. This compound destroys during the fermentation process in black tea as it remains in green tea. Silver lives. Green tea is a good source.

7. Pomegranate:

boost immune system

The anti-oxidant antibacterial and antiviral codes found in pomegranate seeds can improve immunity and fight different types of bacteria and viruses. So pomegranate can also help protect against other diseases caused by weak immunity. The expert says that you should eat pomegranate in your daily diet.

8. Papaya:

boost immune system

Papaya is rich in Vitamin C. The amount of vitamin C you require throughout the day, its double vitamin C is in just one papaya, and vitamin C is the biggest immune system booster vitamin. These facts, if there is a deficiency of Vitamin C in your body, then you will fall ill frequently. Vitamin C is also important because your body neither makes it nor stores it. It is abundant in papaya and if you eat papaya then your immune system will be strong. Papaya contains a very useful digestive enzyme pen. Which is an anti-inflammatory element, then protects you from diseases caused by information in your body. Papaya also contains abundant potassium vitamin B and college which are very beneficial for your health.

9. Beta-carotene:

boost immune system

Beta-carotene increases the ability to fight infections many times. It is rich in Vitamin A. Friends, if you consume spinach regularly, then your immune system will be very strong.

10. Beetroot:

boost immune system

Beetroot is very beneficial. It contains iron potassium and vitamin C which helps in keeping your immune system healthy. Stay alive, keep your lifestyle good. Keep your food and drink well.

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