WWE Smackdown Results for 29 May 2020
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WWE Smackdown begins with a car accident involving Elias and Jeff Hardy. Elias is stretchered out by ambulance. Braun Strowman is met being an onlooker to the mishap saying he called 911 and that the vehicle appeared suddenly. As per Braun Strowman, the person leaped out of the vehicle and ran off. Officials and authorities discovered Jeff Hardy who is harmed. Paramedics guaranteed they smelled liquor on him and the officials put binds on him. They put Jeff Hardy in the watch vehicle as Elias is going in the rear of the rescue vehicle. 

Now let's talk about the locker room situation. AJ Styles proposes Bryan battle decide the victor of the competition. Bryan proposes AJ and Daniel go head to head against various adversaries. The storage space attempts to guarantee that they need it. The official settles on the choice to have a fight regal where the victor will confront Daniel Bryan and the champ of that match will confront AJ Styles in about fourteen days to decide the Intercontinental Champion. 

Sheamus Wins The 10-Man Battle Royal To Advance To The Intercontinental Championship Tournament in Friday night smackdown. 

Sonya Deville versus Lacey Evans

Sonya Deville cuts a behind the stage promotion gloating about her triumph over Mandy Rose in the blended label coordinate a week ago. She guaranteed she will deal with Lacy Evans later on. Lacey showed up behind her as Sonya is talking and assaults her from behind. Lacey considers her a frightful and says she'll see her out there. They kept battling outwardly. Lacey Evans versus Sonya Deville Ended In A 10 commencements. 

Alexa Bliss versus Sasha Banks 

Alexa and Nikki come out to the ring for A Moment Of Bliss. They invite The New Day as their visitors. Nikki gave them a current that happened to be Scottish hotcakes made by her. The New Day gives them espresso beans consequently. Alexa inquired as to whether they have label groups that stand apart from them. The state The Forgotten Sons stick out. The New Day gets some information about the Iconics. Bayley and Sasha's Banks interfere with them. They affront Alexa and Nikki saying they are the best label group. Sasha takes her coat off and tosses it at Alexa. Alexa affronts Sasha asking her where is her title since the remainder of them are champions. Sasha and Bayley referenced they were the main label champs and they need their titles back. Bayley reveals to Alexa that Sasha needs to confront her at the present time. Sasha is irritated and hollers at Bayley saying she isn't readied. Alexa drop kicked Sasha as Bayley escaped the ring. Sasha Banks Defeated Alexa Bliss 

Shorty G versus Cesaro 

Next, we talk about the battle between Shorty G versus Cesaro where both of the Wrestlers battle a great deal, both attempt to overcome one another, however at long last, Shorty G Defeated Cesaro cleverly. 

Otis and Mandy 

Video promotion is appeared of Otis and Mandy unwinding by a pool. They are drinking champagne and toast to their alone time. Mandy says she was going to sleep. Otis left her be. A fantasy succession is appeared with Mandy fantasizing about Otis and making out with him. That was hindered as Otis jumped into the pool, sprinkling Mandy and awakening her. Otis apologized to her and carried her into the pool. They make out in the pool. 

Daniel Bryan versus Sheamus 

Discussing the last battle of the show, in this match, Jeff Hardy pursued into the ring diverting Sheamus to cost him the match and assaulted him. Sheamus got away out of the ring. Daniel Bryan Defeated Sheamus To Advance In The Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals. The WWE smackdown live show finished with Hardy's music playing and attempting to refocus from his wounds as he welcomes the students.

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