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Hello friends, welcome to Get News At Your Home. Today we are talking about Uk economic situation due to coronavirus, Job market Conditions in England, and such valuable information for students who are studying in England, Indian students in the UK, and all those pupils who want to come for study visas for the UK in September intake 2020. I will tell you the latest update for students, how many administrators of exit polls in the UK, so far, out of the total of 2.90 lakh total of coronavirus cases in the UK, and what is seen is that now UK government release restriction step by step and business is opening but restaurants, pubs these types of things are closed, we talk about the main topic of this post, how the job market is going to be here or how the job market is going to be ahead, what kind of decision UK companies take.

The UK government has promised to take the money, no medical plan releases or jobs can be cut because if you refuse the Paris-level condition then people refuse, then the furlough. But just like the roundabout that is going to close the furlough scheme and is going to shut down as soon as it closes. Now I will tell you some job weaknesses right now, what will be the benefit for you, what will be the loss, if I talk about that fixed understanding.

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In the UK number of employers works in the hospital industry, and in the restaurants so now they ask people who have done a survey, their six disabled persons. Experts are saying that it will take them many months to get ready to go to the restaurant, they will be able to prepare themselves mentally and can go face to face Because there will still be fear in their heart. Let me tell you one more if you are a heavy job cut who will love furlough scheme right now, when I come to job cut sugar, then direct from job cut, then your job which you will go to the job market, there is a competition created, double excellent is what the other people have that thing that people still think more and know the answer to the new second greetings, waiting for the job cuts. Saving will be more after them. Tax saving is more, then there is competition for that job and how did they save the industry, whether energy saving to voters will be equal to saving a few girls or you, but do not use those savings so openly. If you go to restaurants less then what is the business of restaurants?

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If the job was cut, it would be perfect for an integral restaurant with a custom, if its surcharge, its customers who are customers and 10 employees, then an industry connected to it will make the other industry perfect. One who cuts the margin and the other who puts less in the market, in this way there is no pay job cut in the restaurant because here the pay job cuts because these people are cashing on the money there. If I work, then I will tell you if you are big, this is what I told you from some companies, in many companies that the circle of friends. If you are active, if you read Consultants or read Economic Newspapers, etc. or you read Business Articles in the UK, then you people will get the opportunity of your question automatically those things with you or on bottles or on One can also think negatively below. Today's only motive for making this post is to give you such information to all those students who want to come to the UK. This was a motivation to educate in the middle and spread awareness. If you like this blog information then please give your valuable feedback below.

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